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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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sure you call police. keith jones, nbc10 news. >> nbc10 has received new information about the amtrak train that derailed. the engineer was not talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident. >> more answers will likely not come for months. the probe is expected to take a year. here's what the ntsb is saying today. there were no calls, no texts and no data usage from the engineers phone. and that his phone was not connected to the train's wifi system. where does that leave the investigation? >> nbc10's deanna durante has been asking about that today. where do things stand? >> it was just a little while after that amtrak train left here at 30th street station. it derailed in the port richmond section of philadelphia. we've spoken with the ntsb.
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the phone is part of the investigation. and there still is a lot of work left to be done. >> certainly not as straightforward as originally we would hope it to be. >> he's not part of the ntsb investigation, but as a rail expert, he says the information released by the ntsb today does make determining a cause of the crash more difficult. because amtrak's 188 was accelerating as it went into the curve, investigators will have to continue to look at the train engineer. brandon bostian and his actions before the fatal crash occurred. >> he pulled the emergency break? >> yes, he did pull the emergency break, what did not
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happen is we did not have any deceleration or breaking going into the curve. >> because the ntsb has ruled out mechanical issues. the engineer should be the main focus of the investigation, not the only focus. the ntsb should take a look at the recorders and see the timing of the actual event before the crash. we do know that that timing is a short amount of time the train leaving here at 30th street before it derailed a few minutes north on that track. the district attorney says he has an assistant district attorney on the task force, he would be surprised if a cause can't be determined. it is very rare they cannot come up with a cause for these accidents. reporting live at 30th street station, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> thank you. eight people were killed in last month's derailment including a college dean naval academy student. software architect and several executives. more than 200 others were
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injured. two of the injured are still being treated at semple university hospital. >> the derailment was center stage in washington today. senate lawmakers asking tough questions today in their quest to find out what caused last month's crash. they want to know what safety procedures can be put in place to prevent these accidents in the future. safety officials push for quick installation of technology called positive train control. that's designed to slow speeding trains so they don't derail. >> even more than just positive control, a lot of other things could have been done. as well as some others that are signage as well as measures that can be taken. safety should be the number one priority priority. >> the safety board has been pushing for positive train control for decades. a commuter bus hit a tour bus today in new york city.
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police are on the hunt for a driver who hit a man crossing roosevelt boulevard this morning before taking off. the victim was walking across the northbound inner drive near front street when he was hit. he's in critical condition now with a broken leg and head injuries. >> the impact caused the 25-year-old victim to come out of both of his shoe ss there is no parts of the striking vehicle that we can see. >> investigators are luking for a black condo or acura with front end damage. perfect day to take your best friend for a walk along main street in manyunk. >> moving pretty fast wasn't it? >> could we be in for our first heat wave of the season? >> kind of feels like it's already starting out there.
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the approach of the heat and humidity, glenn? >> it is going to feel a whole lot different by this time tomorrow than what we are seeing today. we have a lot of sunshine today, but nowhere near 90 degrees, the only 90 so far was may 31st despite having the second warmest may ever recorded in philadelphia. we have 90 degrees or higher likely tomorrow and friday. the question mark is on saturday. it's possible but it depends on the cloud cover and any kind of rain. 84 in philadelphia now, low 80s in much of the rest of the area. so it is nice and comfortable out there. the humidity is not all that high, the temperatures just to our west are a whole lot higher 95 degrees in st. louis right now. the humidity starts to increase later tonight. so enjoy this weather while you can, because the heat is coming.
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get into the specific numbers and see how long it's going to last with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> police in delaware do not expect to charge the driver in the deadly hit and run in newark the other night. investigators say he was trying to cross the road when he walked into the path of the car. the victim was not walking at a designated crosswalk. the person driving the car did stop. money, drugs, guns and more. the results of an early morning raid in berks and schuylkill counties. police charged 24 suspects in an operation that focused on five major drug dealers in those areas. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs were seized in longwood. dozens of guns. >> eight revolvers, eight assault rifles. 24 rifles 19 shotguns ammunition. >> 12 of the people charged are already in custody. police looking for nine more.
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the case against two brothers charged with killing a philadelphia police officer will proceed as a capitol case. they could face the death penalty, the two were formerly arraigned this morning. they were charged in the death of sergeant robert wilson the third in march. wilson went into a game stop store in north philadelphia to buy a gift for his son's birthday when his brothers tried to rob the place. the suspects are due back in court by the end of the month. >> beau biden's work to protect children from abuse will live on after his death. the money remaining in biden's political accounts will help nund the beau biden foundation for children. the charity has already collected more than a quarter of a million dollars in donations in its first week. the former delaware attorney general and son of vice president joe biden died last month after a battle with brain cancer. beau biden was 46 years old.
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happening now, catholic leaders from across the u.s. are meeting, among them philadelphia's archbishop. he's talking about the upcoming papal visit to philadelphia. the conference of catholic bishops is gathering right now in st. louis. it's the same city where the u.s. last hosted a pope pope john paul ii back in 1999. the focus is on pope francis. nbc10's rosemary connors has been monitor inging this story. what does he have to say about the pope's visit. >> he spoke 10 minutes ago. he said there's $45 million needed to host the event. they've raised $39 million. they're almost there. he says they need about 10,000 volunteers to accommodate the crowds. the bishops at the conference are planning to be in philadelphia for the world meeting of families and are eager to see the pope. >> the church in the united
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states and our fellow sit betweens look forward to welcoming you in september. >> reporter: gathered together less than four months before the pope's visit, the u.s. conference of catholic bishops, shared their message to the holy father who will be in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. >> we join you in prayer for the family. an institution so precious that the loving home of mary and joseph is how god chose to bring his only son into the world. >> in addition to discussing preparations for the arrival of pope francis. a report by the conferences national review board. >> during the 2014 audit year 37 allegations were made by current minors. by the time of the audit's completion, 6 of those allegations were substantiated. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of today's announcement that the pope has created a
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commission to review cases. >> the first thing i would say is we welcome and will cooperate. we have been on record as assisting the holy sea in its responsibilities. >> on that issue of clergy abuse, officials throughout the country properly reported any and all allegations that they were made aware of to the authorities. i'm rosemary connors, nbc10 news. >> as we prepare for the pope lots of people offering up their homes for visitors in the summer looking to cash in on the pope's visit. we found a homeowner offering up their house for a whopping $10,000 a night. the house in glenolden is listed as a happy home. it has three bedrooms one and a half baths. the listen describes it as perfect for families and young
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couples. >> philadelphia takes on hosting duties starting december 22nd and then pope francis arrives in philadelphia, the weekend of september 26th you can count on the nbc10 news team to bring you new information about the papal visit as we get closer to the historic event. we'll send out updates you can get on our smart phone or tablet. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing now, with questions about the future of an atlantic city casino, once hails as the eighth wonder of the world. the trump taj mahal has a lot of people divided over worker benefits. casino workers gave carl icon the green light to buy the board walk casino. ted greenberg spoke to workers who are against this deal. >> carl icahn wasn't there, but
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valerie mcmorris and others still voiced their feelings about the billionaire taking ownership of the struggling atlantic city casino. >> rear fighting this guy, i don't want to see him get everything, when he's taken everything away from me my family and my co-worker's family. >> a small group demonstraighted outside the offices of the commission today, where gaming regulators cleared the way for icahnto own the parent company, trump resorts. >> once we emerge we believe we will be in the position to rebuild the business and return the taj to where it belongs in the market. >> reporter: since the fall the city's main casino union has protested health and pension benefits to cut costs. the company's bankruptcy restructuring plan won't go through, if the union wins a court appeal to reinstate those
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benefits. a ruling is expected any day now. >> i think it's important that everybody here understand that there is no plan b. we don't have a plan b. >> the company is also spending more than $100,000 to paint over any remaining logos on the former trump plaza, a process that will take another 30 days to complete. a decision on the future of the property, though won't be made until after the company's reorganization plan officially goes into effect. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. hundreds of u.s. soldiers could soon leave for the anbar province to help train iraqi forces. the plan is to help sunni volunteers to fight. less than a week before he's expected to enter the presidential race jeb bush had some strong words for vladimir putin. >> ultimately i think the deal with putin, you need to deal
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from strength he's a bully. and bullies don't -- you enable bad behavior when you're new answered with a guy like that. >> bush made the comments today in berlin the first leg of a five-day european tour. bush plans to announce his candidacy for president monday when he returns to the state. that would make him the 11th republican in the race. only four candidates have entered the race on the democrat iks side. a florida eye doctor accused in a corruption case was hoping to get released on bond today. his release was delayed again. he's been behind bars for nearly eight weeks, accused of medicare fraud. he's also charged with corruption in a second case along with bob menendez. the senator used his office so help the doctor in exchange for gifts and campaign donations. after months of waiting,
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families of the 150 people kill ed when a germanwig plane crashed. coffins of more than two dozen high school students and teachers arrived today 11 weeks after the plane went down. they were flying back to barcelona top deuceusseldorf when the plane crashed killing everyone on board. it's believed the co pilot intentionally crashed that plane. emily and her mother were killed in that crash. emily graduated from drexel in 2013. yvonne went to springfield high school in delaware county pennsylvania. two murderers on the run after breaking out of a new york prison. today authorities announced people here in our area will see digital billboards showing the escaped prisoners photos in new jersey and pennsylvania.
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david and richard cut their way through steel walls of the clinton correctional facility. new information on a story we brought you yesterday on nbc10 news at 4:00. a man who escaped from a delaware department of correction work crew has been captured. isaiah thompson was on work release from plumber community correction center in wilmington when he left his work crew yesterday. he's been charged with burglary criminal mischief resisting arrest, and other offenses. three men shot in the legs in lakewood new jersey are now in the hospital. the ocean county shooting happened this morning, the injured are all in their 20s, and right now, authorities aren't saying what led up to the shooting or releasing information on the suspects. tractor-trailer filled with apple juice causing a mess for drivers in south jersey. this was on the northbound side of i-295 in burlington township near exit 47. police can closed several lanes.
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no one was seriously hurt. officially we've only had one day this season of 90 degrees plus. we've had a few of 89 degrees. they don't quite count. it's going to be much hotter around here during the day tomorrow. and much more humid. a heat wave likely our first heat wave of the season. and weekend thunderstorms are also in the forecast. we have no storms around right now, we've had a lot of sunshine today, 84 degrees many winds south-southwest at 11 gusting to 29 miles an hour. it's a degree cooler than it was at this time yesterday. we've gone down a little bit. but we're going way up tomorrow. 95 for thursday and friday, 91 for saturday, that's a predicted heat wave that's as far as it's going to go. it will be a minimal heat wave at the most.
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and then saturday the temperature is questionable depending on how quickly any kind of storms form. you can see it's in the low to mid-80s across most of the area only 79 in dover, and in wildwood. and right at the beach, it's even colder avalon at 73 beach haven 73 with the wind coming in off that ocean. the ocean's warming up though. up to 65 dwrees. when you get a sea breeze this weekend, it won't be quite as cold as the last few weekends have been. incredibly warm in the middle of the country. 98 in wichita kansas they're going to get in the triple digits before the day is over. we have the southerly wind warming things up. tonight will not be as cool and comfortable as last night. by 6:00 a.m., we're in the mid-70s already. there were 50s north and west this morning. that's an indication of a change, and here we go by
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noontime this model has us at 92 in philadelphia and mt. holly, can you see how much cooler right at the shore, and the model takes us to 96. just an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. most of us will not get rained on during the day tomorrow. there may be a few on ray doctor tomorrow afternoon. then on friday we're starting off close to 80. and then going up from there. so it's going to be a more humid day on friday than what we're seeing tomorrow even. for tonight, clear, becoming more humid, 68 for the low in philadelphia. but it will warm up quickly tomorrow highs getting into the mid-90s, and the humidity significantly higher than today. that double combination there is going to make you really feel it. 95 with higher humidity on friday, again, just a slight chance of an afternoon shower the storms more likely on saturday as a cold front comes through. and again, that will determine
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whether the temperature is upper 80s or low 90s, it's less humid, generally dry on sunday. so any heat wave is not going to be a long one. it's warm next week, all week. little kids and adults were being hit. >> watch as this high school graduation turns into a bloody brawl. coming up what police say it all started over. an explosion in pennsylvania. we dig into what caused the blast that forced the evacuation of more than 100 residents from their homes. why health experts now say some heartburn medications may be putting you at a higher risk for heart attack.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. the message behind this septa safety blitz in west philadelphia today. handing out flyers to passengers. part of septa's respect the train campaign.
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>> make people aware of how big and heavy trains are, they can't stop quickly. they can't swerve out of your way, we need to be extra cautious and stay clear of the traffic. could cost you big bucks if you illegally use a handicapped placard in new jersey. a new bill aims to boost fines a00 for illegally using someone else's handicap placard. right now, the fine for illegally parking in a handicapped spot is $250 about according to daniel benson safeguarding the rights of individuals with disabilities as this bill does must always be a priority. back to our top story. >> chester county boarding schoolteacher arrested for having sex with a student. matthew scavitto assaulted a
4:25 pm
17-year-old student who he taught and coached in malvern. the abuse happened off campus as well. six, seven hours is way too long for any student to take a standardized test. >> a dad's decision. his protest on behalf of his son, and why he argues his boy shouldn't have to take certain tests at school. get ready to sweat. heat and humidity are moving in. we could be looking at our first heat wave of 2015. get my updated first alert forecast minutes away. coming up tonight on nbc10 news at 5:00 what does $3 million in heroin look like? philadelphia police found out after making one of the biggest busts in decades.
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the heat and humidity are coming. things are tolerable at this point. there are changes ahead. we're talking about return of the heat. we're going to be sweating it out, renee. >> in the coming days i guess we're going to be looking for some place to cool off. >> it's going to be one of those typical kind of mid summer periods, even though we're kind of early in the summer. we've had a lot of sunshine today, the visibility is excellent. the humidity is not all that high things are going to change quite dramatically just by tomorrow. we're not used to this it's going to be a big temperature jump. it's going to be a big humidity jump too at the same time. it's going to feel more than 10 degrees hotter than today. that could be the start of a
4:30 pm
heat wave it's 84 degrees right now. it may feel like it's 96 or 97. it's 80 in pottstown, millville. atlantic city. those temperatures are very comfortable. 82 degrees in philadelphia at 6:00 pretty nice evening. the humidity starts going up later tonight. we'll tell you how hot it's going to get in a few minutes. >> natural gas explosion sent people running from their homes. none of the 130 displaced residents was injured. it shook his house and it sounded like 500 freight trains. >> a federal judge in camden has
4:31 pm
tossed ott a lawsuit. the judge ruled the borrow and local school district cannot be held responsible for damages to their reputation following the derailment that leaked hazardous gas into the air. part of the suit will continue for disruptions for schools due to that leak. a state appeals court says wolf overstepped his power. he did not have authority to fire the director of the state's open records office. he must now get his job back including back pay and benefits. wolf maintains the firing was within his authority. it is pay what you wish wednesday. taking a live look right now, showing us a great night to head out and check out many of the attractions. experience hidden histories
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through noise with a sound scape from philadelphia artist chris havlish. at 6:00 and 7:00 practice your poses with some yoga in the garden. >> delaware's gearing up for a pair of back to back music festivals set to bring 100,000 people to dover this month. they'll be working with the dover city and delaware state police to monitor all the extra traffic in the area. the crowds will begin arriving next weekend. the fire fly music festival will take over dover international speedway from june 18th to the 21st the new big barrel country music festival moves in june 26th to the 28th. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. projects called 21st century solutions. the application is on our website at
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eligibility requirements are listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. today, the possible health dangers of taking medicine to control heartburn. >> what many men don't know about their own bodies. the sequel that got swiped 50 shades of stealing and why the timing of this is so critical. pomp and circumstance and punches? the graduation ceremony that turned into a slugfest. >> at 5:00 caught on tape this south jersey burglar didn't take the easy way in what happened after he climbed his way through the window of a fast food restaurant?
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they're popular drugs taken by thousands of them in our area. they could up the risk of heart
4:37 pm
attacks. heartburn drugs slightly increase the risk, but they warned, don't stop taking them without first talking to your doctor. some experts are questioning these findings. a new poll finds americans are puffing away on both kinds of cigarettes because of the nicotine. they're not ready to stop smoking, they switch between the two. >> only half of american men can remember their last medical checkup. that's the result of a survey of nearly 1,000 men. most remembered the make and model of their first car, only half could remember when their last checkup happened. on the other hand research shows women are 100% more likely to visit their doctor for an annual checkup. >> when was your last checkup?
4:38 pm
>> it was a few months ago. >> yeah, right. the graduates who had caps and gowns, but no boxing gloves. >> could have used them. what a shame. after what happened on their special day. also grave side grievances a local group that claims dozens of burr yells happened in our area, they weren't told about them. >> nbc10 explains the connection to a high profile local crime. here comes the heat but that's not all. i'll let you know when it's going to feel like close to 100 degrees out there. in my exclusive nbc10 first alert 7-day forecast.
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buried by the city. that's what an abortion group claims happened to fetuses. the philadelphia medical examiner's office has a different story. the group held a prayer service in east falls. where the remains of 47 fetuses are buried according to the medical examiner's office. 74-year-old kermit gosnel is serving life in prison convicted of murdering three infants born alive. he ran a medical society office in west philadelphia. back in 2010, authorities charged him, his wife and several workers with a series of crimes linked to late term abortions. prosecutors reported finding aborted fetuses and body parts in cabinets and freezers. >> to give these babies the dignity they did not get in life it's the right thing to do for any child, for any person. >> city officials tell us the
4:43 pm
fetuses were buried in september of 2013. a representative from the medical examiner's office tells us when remains go unclaimed, the city arranges for the cremation and burial. and burial announcements are never reported. it's a clash over classroom exams. >> at issue here whether delaware students can opt out of certain standardized test ss. tim furlong live this afternoon in dover. >> one father said no way to the test for liz child? >> that's right. the smarter balanced test is the official standardized test of public schools in delaware it's harder than the last standardized test they used to use. it's not just a fill in the bubbles kind of test. more people have said they don't like the test and they don't think their kids should have to take it.
4:44 pm
>> my son has special needs, i don't want him taking that test. >> jacob has special sfleeds, the 8 hour test asks questions in different trickier ways. kevin and jacob think teachers spend too much school time worrying about it. >> they kind of teach the whole year toward the test. >> kevin was able to opt jacob out of taken the test. some districts allow it. the delaware senate committee is considering a law that would allow children to be opted out. the governor doesn't want families to be opted out, the data they get from the smarter balanced test is crucial. information they can use to tweak strategies and address needs at different schools. many in the civil rights community say data opting out is bad for the communities they serve. >> the children we hurt in these measures are the children who are most disadvantaged.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: the state education committee is not going to be able to get this out to the senate floor today, the decision would come tomorrow. if a parent thinks the test is too stressful, they don't think the results prove anything. their kids shouldn't have to take it. at 5:30 you're going to hear from a teacher that says forget about the smarter balance test. every test the state puts out, they never do the right thing with the information. we're going to hear from that teacher and others today at 5:30. we're live in dover. nbc10 news. look at this day of pomp and circumstance. this video was taken at a high school graduation. and officials from the venue say the fists started flying over seat selection. it wasn't just adults who were hurt. >> people like little kids and adults were being hit. >> there were children? >> children. >> in the middle of all this?
4:46 pm
>> they looked like they were going to fall on me and some of the other girls. we got pushed back. >> police haven't said whether anyone is charged. after the second warmest may ever recorded in philadelphia june has been pretty cool. so far. things are going to change. we're much hotter for the next couple of days at least. a heat wave is likely at least the first two days and the third day is going to be pretty close. we also have some thunderstorms in the forecast over the weekend. no thunderstorms around today, the atmosphere is dry. 84 degrees. winds gusting at 29. that's in philadelphia. it's not gusting very much in other parts of the area. we're in the low to mid-80s, across much of the region. things are a little different right at the shore, and it's going to be even more so as we
4:47 pm
go into tomorrow. you can see the difference. let's go way down there, cape may point at 73 degrees. north wildwood 72. we can be showing you these maps, and give you detailed forecasts as we go through the summer season here it is 80 degrees in cape may courthouse, it's a little bit off of the ocean and ocean city 73 right on the ocean. you see it's about a 10 degree temperature difference. atlantic city marine that 73 degrees, while it's a little bit warmer inland. over the next couple days there's going to be more of a contrast from the beaches to the inland areas. some of this heat in the middle of the country. that is moving this way, and it is reflected in the computer models as we go into tomorrow morning, we're already starting in the mid to upper 70s, and then into the 90s, even by noon in parts of the area.
4:48 pm
by noon? this particular model has us going up to 97. they won't quite get that high also shows some isolated showers or thunderstorms forming late in the day. most of the area not getting it but there could be a little band a west to east band. what about friday? we're starting off even warmer at 82 degrees. and then going up to 93 by 11:00 a.m.? and once again, some isolated showers or thunderstorms moving in. the general trend, the heat building, but it's not going to be a long lasting heat wave because watch what happens. by sunday some of those cooler colors start coming down and the heat gets pushed down further to the south. for tonight, it's pretty comfortable, at least in the early portion of the night. becoming more humid late tonight. and then by tomorrow the humidity is going to be way up there, 95 degrees, on average.
4:49 pm
much cooler of course at the shore in the 70s. and then on friday 95 degrees, but even higher humidity. that's what it could feel like close to 100 degrees, a slight chance of an afternoon storm. better chance on saturday as a cold front approaches that front comes through. and brings a little bit cooler and less humid air into the region for sunday. it will take a little while for the heat to build back up. although it may very well do that next week. by the end of next week we could be back into the 90s. >> it is summer. thanks, glenn. "50 shades of grey" turns into a crime story just one week before publication day. the new novel was stolen. police in southern england are investigating the theft of the manuscript. the book is called grey and retells the popular story, but from the view of yiftian grey. the publisher would not reveal details of the case while police
4:50 pm
investigate. it's a place where we hear a lot of bad news. >> the class of 2015 is about to celebrate their own personal triumph triumph triumph. >> today reaching their goals despite the odds and why their accomplishments are getting extra special attention just over an hour from now.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
in a city where sometimes it's easy to be recognized for doing all the wrong things camden's mayor and school superintendent will recognize 20 remarkable graduates tonight. >> it highlights the determination and perseverance of students who will bring home
4:54 pm
their diplomas despite having the odds stacked against them. >> there were times where i thought i wasn't going to be able to achieve certain goals i wanted to achieve, because of my situation. >> nelson rivera's situation was being diagnosed with leukemia and for a fellow graduate renee piveda. the woman who was like his mother his aunt was buried alive, killed by two men who admitted they did it to steal $800. >> it's been really hard. i have nobody to talk to sometimes. >> they are among 20 graduates across the camden district recognized for sticking with school despite extreme and painful adversity. >> being homeless some having family members who are drug addicts. >> they have struggled, it's a
4:55 pm
beautiful struggle if you will. i want them to remember that struggle and take that with them wherever they go it's in their character, in their dna. >> tonight, the superintendent will honor their tough journeys one by one, celebrating camden's remarkable graduate. >> i did it. >> tonight a once extremely shy rashad williams will shine. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's ♪ >> he will sing at the commencement. a few of the strong personalities that have shown strength instead of weakness. >> without my school family i don't think i could have made it. >> it's great, i work hard to get to this point. >> and every student honored here tonight will get a chance with the microphone to explain how overcoming their own tough
4:56 pm
journey helped them inspire other peers with similar struggles. live in camden cydney long nbc10 news. >> on the road to doing big things. >> so proud of them. >> so great to see that. nbc10 news at 5:00 is next. >> all new at 5:00 one of the biggest philly drug busts in decades. >> dealers were stashing more than $300 million in heroin, and how they diseased it. get ready to feel the heat we're jumping into the 90s and getting more humid. more on that, and our next chance for thunderstorms. get a load of this climbing through the drive through. a burglar takes the hard way into the fast food restaurant. that's next at 5:00.
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what does $3 million in heroin look like? well police in philadelphia found out after making one of their biggest busts in decades. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> police revealed how one group allegedly pulled off this elaborate trafficking operation. >> drug investigators with both the federal and city levels just announced these developments inside this
5:00 pm
building, they say the accused traffickers were major players in this. they had multiple homes where they stashed the drugs, and the search for more heroin is just getting started. >> drug investigators showed off some of the 11,000 packets of seized heroin. traffickers wrapped it in bags in a flour supplement product. now millions of dollars of the drug is off philadelphia streets. >> this is a significant hit. someone's going to step up to fill that and hopefully collectively we will be there to address them as well. >> the men who now face several serious charges in this ring used multiple stash houses to distribute drugs and launder money. >> this is an epidemic that has reached about one in four families since 2009. >> seth williams says heroin overdoses top more than 400 a year


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